The Draftsman-side of Me with MSWord Drawing Tools

Posted: January 22, 2014 in Scientific, Systematic
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I was 17 then when I decided to take up BS Architecture. It’s a 5-year course in the Philippines, but I made it up to only 3. I didn’t finish the degree, yet somehow received by default a “certificate” as a draftsman. Definitely, there were CAD software programs during those days (though most students were not aware of such, including me), so we did most everything manually … Yes, no computer at all, not even a shadow of it.

So, by profession, I consider myself as a draftsman, meaning I have a “K”. (For you guys who have no idea what “K” means for Filipinos, it stands for “karapatan” – right or authority.) When I learned how to use the computer back in the 1990s, I got used to MSWord. It’s like a sort of doing every computer stuff using that application most of the time including drafting. I couldn’t help it, I didn’t know how to use AutoCAD or any drafting software until June 2011, when I finished a 10-day course on AutoCAD 2011 at MICROCADD Computer School. And sad to say I haven’t practiced it continuously after I got my certificate, so I feel like a novice again with it.

Anyway, going back to drafting using MSWord particularly Insert > Shapes tool, I was able to make some “architectural stuff” that I wanna share with you.


I drafted this when the church I was assigned to wanted to have a deep well and a pressurized water tank at the back of the building.


This was the Proposed Phase 3 Construction Floor Plan of GRACELAND Baptist Church of Cavite, Inc., which I served for 8 years as associate pastor and 11 years as senior administrative pastor. The project was finished though not by the details.


The main door of our ancestral house is almost destroyed by termites. Before we came to the USA, we planned to have it repaired. So I drafted a plan to do so. Supposedly our plan was to order it from a sash factory in Noveleta; although I went there it didn’t materialize ‘coz we didn’t have enough budget to push it through.


The story behind why I drew these almost identical computer chairs is a good one.
One day in the office where I worked as a Business Community Equipper (pastor in a corporate world), the son of a co-employee dropped by to visit his dad. When I learned that this son of his also likes to draw but manually, I asked him to view my own stuff on my laptop. He was delighted and got excited after seeing them, Then I told him that he could also do such and be more productive than using his computer thru playing online games. To show him how to actually do it, I looked around the office for things to be my model figure. That’s where I set my eyes on the computer chair in front of me.

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